Art Prints
Art prints of my work are available for purchase in two sizes:
Large: $12 each
Small: $10 each
Each artwork is printed at high-resolution on thick gloss stock, comes backed onto cardboard, and is covered in recyclable newsprint for protection. Any art print can be come signed for an additional $5.

Thank you!
Left: "Bath", 2018. Print size: Large (15" x 11")
Right: Untitled, 2018. Print size: Large (15" x 11")
Left, Mockup: "A Woman Is An Island", 2017. Print size: Small (8.5" x 11")
Right: "Deep Breath", 2018. Print size: Large (10" x 10")
Mockup: "Fire", 2017. Print size: Large (11" x 17")
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