Self Portraits with Andrés Garzon March 2021
Play video below or view on Youtube by clicking here.
Happy to release my self-portrait workshop through 519convergence, a London, Ontario based organization and residency working towards creating engaging art with communities and emerging artists. I hope you enjoy it and get to take some time to imagine your most beautiful self on paper. You won't need many materials - I used paper, pencil crayons, and gouache/water-color paints to achieve this final self-portrait. It's all about exploring textures and mediums, and having fun. Thanks for watching!
Good Talks: Andrés Garzon January 2020
Play video below or view on Youtube by clicking here.
Good Talks is a monthly series of artist talks hosted by Good Sport Gallery & Studio. In these talks, emerging artists with connections to London discuss their careers and art practices. This artist talk was given by London-based artist Andres Garzon in January 2020. 
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